5 Things You May Not Know About Looking After Your Teeth

5 Things You May Not Know About Looking After Your Teeth

Don’t Rinse Your Mouth After Brushing

All the goodness in the toothpaste will just be washed away! Once you have finished brushing, just spit the paste and rinse your brush, leave a coating of paste on your teeth and it will protect them for longer.

All Fizzy Drinks Can Damage Your Teeth

It’s not just sweet fizzy drinks that can cause damage, fizzy water can too! Fizz will soften your teeth’s enamel and can cause acid erosion. If you are going to drink something fizzy, do it through a straw as this will reduce the amount of time that the acid is in contact with your teeth.

Fruit Juice & Smoothies Are Not As Healthy As You Think

When it comes to sugar, your teeth don’t care whether it’s natural or processed, it’s sweet all the same. Avoid fruit juice as it’s very acidic and full of sugar. Smoothies are also packed with sugar that is released when the fruit is pulped. It is much better to eat the whole fruit instead, that way you get the benefit of the fibre and reduce the sugar intake.

Chocolate Is Better For Your Teeth Than Raisins

Raisins are packed with sugar and are very sticky too. When you eat them, they get stuck in your teeth for longer. Chocolate dissolves quicker in the mouth and tends not to stick on to teeth. It is better to eat the sweet stuff all in one go rather graze over a period of time as your teeth never quite recover from the sugar hit that way.

Night Time Brushing Is The Most Important

When we sleep our saliva production drops. Saliva is very important in protecting our teeth so if there is any food left on our teeth at night it will do more damage. Remember to always brush at night time no matter how tired you are.

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