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Hygienist Services

What does a Dental Hygienist do?

Andrew house has two highly trained and experienced hygienists who work very closely with the dentists to ensure that your gums and teeth are kept healthy for life.

This is done through a combination of regular scaling and polishing with continual education and coaching for you, so that you can learn how to better take care of your teeth at home.

Why is it important to see a Hygienist?

Your gums are the foundation of healthy teeth and a major factor in keeping your teeth for your whole life. Without healthy gums, teeth become mobile and more susceptible to decay.

The hygienist will not only remove build ups of plaque and calculus on your teeth but they will teach you how to stop it coming back again. They take a ‘whole person’ approach, using visual aids, information leaflets and practical advice on diet, care and cleaning to help prevent and slow the effects of gum disease.

Can the dentist clean my teeth?

Some dentists will provide a scale and polish, but our dentists at Andrew House understand that our hygienists have been specially trained and are happy to refer to them where appropriate.

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