The Benefits of Crowns for Damaged Teeth

The Benefits of Crowns for Damaged Teeth

What are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns might be a solution for you if your tooth has been broken down. A tooth crown can be described as a jacket like covering that is glued in place over the tooth. The crown will appear like a normal tooth once the dentist has fitted it. There are many benefits to having a crown fitted to deal with tooth problems:

Reduction in discomfort and pain

A benefit you should notice immediately is significantly less pain and discomfort in your mouth. A damaged or misshapen tooth can affect the gum and neighbouring teeth to cause discomfort. Having a gap filled or a damaged tooth topped with a crown can make a huge difference. 

Any sensitive parts around the tooth should also be blocked by the dental crown cement, which can cause an improvement in comfort when eating cold foods. 

It is a simple procedure

Getting a crown fitted is not a complicated procedure. To install, first there is preparation of the foundation to make sure the crown has an even base. Then an impression will be made of the tooth in order to mould the new crown. This can take a couple of weeks to finish, and then it can be put in your mouth. 

Stronger bite

Having a crown put in over a damaged tooth can make it easier for you to eat certain foods. If you have damaged teeth then you will know that there can be discomfort when eating. A new crown can make your bite stronger and allow you to chew your food better. It will help bring the entire row of teeth in line. 

Lasting Dental Health

Your crown could last up to 30 years depending on what material is used. To give your crown the best chance of longevity, you need to keep brushing as usual. If there are any issues, you can see a dentist and get a replacement. 

Materials used in Dental Crowns

Crowns are made of a variety of different materials including ceramics, porcelain, gold and zirconia. Ceramics are often chosen for frontal teeth because of their whiteness. Metal alloy crowns are the longest lasting and can be used if the tooth has been greatly eroded. 

The material chosen will depend on the condition of the tooth and the position in the mouth. 

Your dentist will discuss the best option depending on the strength needed and whether you would like a cosmetic option.

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