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Sedation Treatment

What is sedation treatment?

This is a way of relaxing a patient by giving a small amount of sedative before treatment. You remain awake but feel very calm and relaxed, often with little memory of the procedure after treatment. It wears off quickly so that you can go home soon after the treatment has finished.

Is sedation safe?

Yes, sedation is very safe. It is widely used in hospitals and dental practices and is a tried and tested way of relaxing a patient. You will be monitored throughout the procedure by a highly trained dentist and nurse.

Can I drive afterwards?

Sedation can linger in your system for up to 8 hours after the treatment has finished, so you will not be able to drive yourself. Instead, you will need to be escorted to the appointment and home again afterwards.

Can I have sedation more than once?

Some people find that having their treatment under sedation builds their confidence enough to try treatment without a sedative. Other people prefer to have sedation for all their dental needs and it is perfectly safe in most cases to continue treatment with a sedative.

Can anyone have sedation?

All patients aged 16 or over, will be asked to complete a detailed medical questionnaire. If there are any reasons why sedation treatment may not be suitable for you, your dentist will discuss this with you. Sedation is not usually given to children under 16.

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