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What is a tooth filling?

When a tooth has suffered from decay and has a hole or has been broken, it is often repaired with a filling. This is possibly the smallest of the restorations we at Andrew House Dental Practice offer.

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What kind of fillings are there?

You can choose to have either a silver (amalgam) filling or a white (composite) filling.
Amalgam fillings have been around for a long time and are generally long-lasting restorations. However, more people are choosing to have white (composite) fillings placed instead. They are the more modern filling and are now widely used.

Your dentist will discuss the best materials to use depending on the cosmetic effect you desire and what they feel is going to provide the best result going forward.

The time it takes to have a filling will depend on the size and complexity of the restoration. The smaller ones can often be done along with another treatment such as a check up or scale and polish.

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