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Dental Veneers in Tonbridge & Surrounding Areas

Are you suffering from a broken or chipped tooth and cannot show your smile anymore? Is it possible that one of your teeth is discoloured, and it is eroding your self-confidence? If your answer is affirmative, then come to Andrews House Dental. We are experts in delivering the highest quality veneers in Tonbridge and its surrounding areas. Our entire team gives you their very best to ensure that you remain confident with your grin. Regardless of your needs, we will assist you after only a few visits.

What Are Teeth Veneers?

Created in a dental laboratory, veneers are thin wafer of porcelain that are bonded to a tooth to correct a range of dental issues. This is inclusive of chipped, uneven, crooked, gapped, and discoloured teeth. The porcelain veneers will hence enhance your teeth appearance. You can go for any number of veneers depending on your preferences and needs. Note that dentists may also prefer composite veneers, which are made of composite material and created in the surgery room.

The best veneers should last for more than 10 years. Nonetheless, the durability depends on your willingness to maintain good oral hygiene. It is also worth noting that the most qualified professionals can perform the procedures within a short time, helping you to gain your smile back cost-efficiently.  We are the best in this field, with our procedures being hailed for their simplistic and painless nature.

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    Our Services Are Unrivalled

    We are the local leaders in quality composite veneers and other related services.

    • We always get it right when it comes to colour balance because we are professionally trained. Our experience has left us with lessons on how to combine art and science to create accurate results. In fact, we pride in our ability to use world-class equipment and technology in service delivery. Whether you want a little dazzle or a simple and natural look, we will always come through.
    • We always put the client’s needs first. It is undeniable that our suggestions for veneers in Tonbridge are always on point. However, we only provide our services after allowing our clients to speak their mind. We don’t make assumptions on what you need because we want you to get 100% satisfaction.
    • If you have never been to a dental clinic for teeth veneers, don’t panic. We gracefully explain every part of the process so that you can be prepared for it. Face to face consultations are free and hence, you can ask any question that comes to your mind at any time. We will also give you price estimates – should you ask.
    • Competitive pricing. We give you a reasonable rate and still offer you the best value for your money. No matter your specifications, our quotations are always lower than the competition.

    We are only dentists who can truly help you get quality dental veneers in Tonbridge. Our professionals are wholly committed to delivering a professional range of services. We are a friendly, helpful, and professional local dentist, providing excellent service delivery at all times. Please contact us for more information.


    What are veneers made from?2022-06-30T11:02:09+01:00

    Veneers can be made from either porcelain or white composite (the same material as white fillings). They both have advantages. Porcelain, the more expensive treatment is very lifelike and gives the best cosmetic result. But it can be harder to repair in the long term and the tooth will need to be shaped to have the veneer placed. Composite is less expensive, gives a very good result and is easier to repair while the tooth may need less shaping to fit this veneer. Both options are available at Andrew House.

    What is a veneer?2022-06-30T11:00:13+01:00

    Veneers form a thin layer over the front of the natural tooth similar to a false finger nail. They are glued to the tooth underneath and can help change the colour and position of a tooth.

    Why do people have veneers?2022-06-30T11:01:37+01:00

    Some patients would like to change the appearance of their teeth for cosmetic reasons. Veneers are sometimes used for this and have been popularised by celebrities to achieve that “beautiful smile”.


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    “I joined as a new patient after moving to the area recently. Great dental practice and friendly staff. Currently having adult cosmetics. Fully explained the treatment and agreed a pricing plan before commencing treatment. Great experience, thanks!”

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    ‘The team ‘valued compliments from patients and responded to concerns quickly and constructively’

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