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Cosmetic Treatments

What are Cosmetic Treatments?

Cosmetic treatments are designed to improve the appearance of your teeth and include Teeth Whitening, Orthodontics or Braces, Veneers, and Bonding Techniques to reposition and reshape teeth.

Is Teeth Whitening safe?

Yes, teeth whitening is completely safe and supervised by your dentist. At Andrew House, we use a gentle whitening system that is completely reliable and will not damage your teeth. It is started with the Dentist and completed at home. It normally takes 3-4 weeks and can produce amazing results.

What about Braces – are these only for children?

Many of our patients are now having braces to correct the position of their teeth in their 30s, 40s, 50s or later. Your teeth can be moved in as little as 6 months and the braces can be virtually invisible.
The results can be amazing and your teeth are then fixed in the new position so that they stay straight.

What are Bonding Techniques?

Bonding techniques use tooth-like filling materials to reshape and reposition your teeth. They can be used to make the teeth appear straighter, or more even. They can also be used to alter the colour of individual teeth without a need for more extensive or invasive treatment.
With improvement in new techniques and materials, we are now able to change the position and shapes of your teeth to get wonderful results usually in a single sitting.
Bonding is often less expensive than other treatments and with regular maintenance can last many years.

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