The Importance of Regular Dental Checkups

The Importance of Regular Dental Checkups

Why are regular dental checkups so important? 

You shouldn’t just wait until you have a problem to go and visit your dentist. Prevention is always better than reacting to a dental problem. There are also several other great reasons to have regular dental checkups. 

Check for mouth cancer 

An often overlooked reason for going to the dentist is to check for mouth cancer. Dentists will examine for signs of mouth cancer, by looking for any red or white patches in your mouth. 

Of course the vast majority of the time the dentist will not find any signs of cancer, however they could save your life. The dentist will also check for signs of head and neck cancer by checking for any lumps on your head or neck.

Give you peace of mind

Worrying about tooth pain or bad oral hygiene can affect your mental health. There are some dental issues that can lead to serious problems if they are not treated. 

A dentist can aid with any pain or discomfort and give you a plan to follow up with. A regular dental visit will give you peace of mind as they will be able to treat problems before they escalate. 

Catch things early at Regular Dental Checkups

Dentists will be able to notice details about your oral health that you will miss. Dentists can not only solve current dental issues, but also catch others early and treat them. 

Some of the issues they can spot early include gum disease and tooth decay. When it comes to oral hygiene it is crucial to be proactive. A regular check up with your dentist will make sure any problems are caught early before they develop. 

Get specific advice

It can be tempting to google all of your problems and try and treat them yourself. The internet is however filled with inaccurate or misleading information. 

A dentist is an expert in dental hygiene and will be your best option for advice on any issues. A regular visit will mean that the dentist can provide ongoing specific advice for you. 

For anything related to oral hygiene, the dentist is always the best person to consult with. Their advice will be precise and trustworthy, unlike much of the information online. 

Checking for bad habits

There are a number of habits that can be bad for your dental health. Things like grinding your teeth, clenching your jaw, eating hard sweets, and drinking an excessive amount of coffee can damage your teeth. 

It is of course not always necessary to stop these things, but a dentist will be able to give advice if they think you need to reduce a certain habit. Small changes can have a big impact on your overall dental health. 

The importance of regular dental checkups

Your dental health is important and the best way to maintain good oral hygiene is to go for a checkup at the dentist regularly. 

At Andrew House Dental Practice we have a wealth of knowledge and our professionals will be happy to give you individual advice on looking after your teeth so you can keep them for life.  Contact us today,  we look forward to seeing you.

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